Thursday, March 20, 2014

PERIOD NINE: English 9 - Blog #1

9th Grade (PERIOD 9) Blog #1:
Short Story -
The Necklace


  • First, answer in one comment two questions of your choice from the list below.
  • Next, respond to at least one other classmate’s comment.
  • Put your complete first name and last name’s first initial at the end of your comment (e.g. Matthew D.)
  • Your comment and response blogs are due by 11:00 AM - Friday, March 28, 2014.
    Use complete sentences and appropriate spelling and grammar.  Suggestion:  Write your comment in MSWord first (free spell check) and paste it into the blog.
    Take a look at these questions and answer two of them in one comment.   

  1. Do you feel sorry for Mathilde? Give evidence and explain your answer.
  2. At the end of the story, Mathilde daydreams during her housecleaning about what would have happened if she had never lost those jewels?  She thinks, “How strange life is, how fickle! How little is needed to ruin or to save!”  What does this phrase mean?  Explain your answer.
  3. Describe the author’s characterization of the husband and wife in the story.  Do you feel that the author gave you enough information either directly or indirectly?  What else would you like to have known? Explain your answer.
  4. What do you feel is the “main point” or theme of the story?  Explain your answer.


  1. Angela Vernon

    Q1: Really I wasn't at school when this book was read; If I was at school I was out the classroom!
    Q2: Like Q1 i wasn't at school when this book was read; If I was at school I was out the classroom!


  2. Q1: I really don't feel sorry for mathilde bbecause she treated her husband so wrong by making him look for those pearls she lost was unfair.. she was also ungrateful. Her husband gave her everything. That he could and it still wasn't good enough it took alot for her to realize that she was living above her means.

    Q4: What goes around comes back around.

    Sheila LeSueur

    1. i agree because if Mathilde wasn't so ungrateful none of this would have happened,her and her husband would have a better realationship and in the end it shouldn't take her all that time to realize what she has.

    2. I agree if she wasn't so ungreatful it would have ever happened. Tierra H.

    3. I agree she was very ungrateful & selfish. She wanted more than what she had gotten. She learned her lesson from not telling her husband that the necklace was gone.

  3. Q1 : i personally dont feel bad for Mathilde what so ever. She knew what she was doing when she lost those pearls. Her husband gave her everything a average woman dosent have. When Mathilde lost those pearls it was like losing a wedding ring. She didnt know if those pearls were a pass on from generation from generation. In her eyes she knew her husband was very wealthy but she wanted more. Which was very ungrateful.
    Q4 : i think the theme of the story wasnt necessaraly what goes around comes around, i think it is treat others as you would want to be treated. As of respect. Now if the story was switched around & mathilde was theprotagonist & her husband was the antagonist, it would still be the same situation just that the husband will be in the wrong. It took Mathilde a long time to realize that what she had was something good.

    Merquides V.

    1. I agree and disagree. I feel bad for her because of the fact that she learned her lesson, and I don't because of the fact that it took her so long to do so.

    2. Right! She should've told her as son as she lost it

    3. I agree with you, but she shouldn't of even borrowed it, she was just being ungrateful

  4. Q1)I do feel sorry for Mathilde because she did a good thing by replacing her friend's necklace and I don't because she always complained about her life not being good enough when in reality, she had it better than so many others.

    Q2) I believe that the theme is Don't take your possesions for granted. You never know when you'll lose it all.

  5. Q1) I don't feel bad for Mathilde because,in the end if she didn't feel inside that she had to impress everybody and be so flamboyant this whole situation could have been avoided.

    Q2) To me the theme of the story is you don't have to be the best. I say that is one of the theme's because if Mathilde didn't have the need to be so flamboyant she wouldn't have borrowed the necklace,cause her husband to get a new dress and spend the moey he saved for himself. Also lastly in the end if she didn't have the need to be so flamboyant she wouldn't have went through everything that happen after se lost the necklace.

    sydney c.

    1. 1. Yeah! I feel like in the end she really became a better person, and the whole necklace situation really worked out in her favor in a weird way...
      2. I like your theme. I feel like it accurately represents the point of the story, which is to be humble. If she hadn't have lost the necklace she could still have been irresponsible and be treating her husband poorly.

  6. Q)1 I don't feel sorry for her because it was her fault for trying to be someone she isn't if she swallowed her pride then she wouldn't gave a problem.

    Q2) the whole theme is be careful What you wish for. Don't ever be too proud. Stay humble

  7. 1. No because she acted irresponsiblly and in the end it really worked out for the better because she was humbled.
    2. She means It's strange how life can be so greatly altered by a single seemingly unimportant event.

  8. 1. NO I do not feel sorry for Mathilde. She should have been more responsible or she shouldnt of borrowed the necklace. She would have been fine witout it
    3. I feel the main point is that if you borrow something be responsible with it. Or just be yourself.

    1. 1. Right I strongly agree with that anyone is better off with out things like that *Material things*

      3. I think thats a safe reacction to have lol has it happen to you before Brokee-Lynn!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  9. Q1:I do not feel sorry for Mathilde. Mathilde is ungrateful, she didn’t deserve her husband . Her husband gave her everything she wanted. He even gave her his money that he was saving up to go get a gun with, he gave it to her to go buy a new dress. She still wasn’t satisfice she wanted more, that’s the reason why she lost the necklace. Paying people back that they borrow money from for 10 years.

    Q4:I feel that the main point of this story is to not be ungrateful. To appreciate what you have and never that things for granted.